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for the most part. you see, for about three or four months, no matter what image you search on google images, they are always blurry. sometimes you can click "view image," but if you know google, it often redirects you to another site or even give you a different image completely. so a few months ago, I put in a complaint because after making sure Michael was having the same problem on both of HIS computers, I knew the problem was not on my end. I did not get an answer right away, but when I did, that person had the same problem.

however, it does not happen to firefox or chrome users... hmm, I wonder WHY it's not a problem on GOOGLE CHROME. within the first month of the complaint being in the forum, many people said that they have the same issue, and that it's only with internet explorer. thankfully, I am not the only one who loves IE and would throw out our computers before switching to chrome.

we finally get an answer saying they are doing what they can to solve the problem. they asked, "what images did you search for that were blurry?" um, EVERYTHING. I went from adventure time to chair, ears to mice, ponies to rollie pollies, you name it. unsurprisingly, I was not the only one who thought the question was stupid because we ALL had the same thing happening.

a few people mentioned that this is all a ploy to get people to switch to chrome, and I do not doubt it. with the amount google is trying to push chrome onto us, I'm waiting for the day that IE won't even work for websites. already google sites are unfair to IE, including that stupid G+ profile that we need to have to comment on youtube.

after three months, someone said, "you guys said you were working on it, but it's been months now. get on it!" someone else mentioned that google was doing this on purpose. and guess what? all of those IE users who had the same complaint as me started using bing as their search engine. I relied on google for so long, it's weird to use a different one, but I too have started using bing.

google, you think you'd get more money by forcing IE users to switch to chrome, but you're losing money because we're all switching to bing. and then firefox sits in its tiny hole like the vermin it is, deciding that it'd rather hide than take part in the financial battle. as for chrome users, so many say they like it, but just like the rest of us, IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. it has nothing to do with your computer or the way you search, it's the browser. you'll be surprised when you find out what it's doing to your computer. ask any IE user who has tried it. there's a reason we stick to this browser. hell, tor is less harmful than chrome! TOR!! that reminds me, I haven't been to the deep web in like six months...

anyway, if you are an IE user, whether you use google image search or not, you should switch to another engine to show google that it seriously needs to CARE about the USERS, not the MONEYS. oh, and guess what... still no answer from google staff since the second one a few weeks ago. everyone with the complaint has basically said "fuck this" and went to bing. it's like a restaurant that has horrible service, so everyone starts going to their competitors instead.

now I know people have their own opinions on the different browsers, cool, that's fine. but when a company doesn't reach out to all of its consumers, they are not doing their job. *coughdeviantartcough* if you're meant for everyone, you're supposed to appeal to everyone. if people preferred bing over google before, cool! but it's the previous customers they still want to keep. losing one or two is hardly noticeable, but when traffic from a certain browser drops significantly, you'd think they'd be smart enough to see the problem and fix it.


welp, that's my little not-proofread rant. now I'm going to go back and work on projects I was stupid to give myself because I already have enough projects to begin with. creativity is a cruel, cruel mistress.
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Pokemon fans: What's your favorite legendary? 

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