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deviation in storage by Tracie76Stock
These pictures were WORTHY of my viewing and favouriting. FEEL HONORED!
so if you saw my deviation showing my beautiful, fat purple finger and read the description I left, you'll know that I was in my first car accident! (sarcastic excitement.) sempai and I had planned a fun day at an amusement park because I have been doing decently well getting over my agoraphobia, and she also has a new job, so we haven't hung out much lately. we were almost there, and a car stopped really suddenly in front of us, so we hit it pretty hard, though we weren't going that fast. fast enough for the airbags to deploy, which was scary, hot, smokey, and very smelly. I honestly thought the car would explode. we both got out, and I had to run to the side of the rode and had a little panic attack. the nail on my left index finger was bleeding, not too much though, and my thumbnail was also broken, but it wasn't bleeding. my index finger was in pain, but I could still bend it, so I knew it wasn't broken. I was just scared out of my mind, we were on the freeway and everything.

sempai's injuries were a little more severe than mine. both her knees hit the bottom of her dashboard, so she bruised them, her toe got a little jammed, and she got minor burns from the airbag. mostly though, she's in emotional shock and distraught about how much the damage will cost her because this isn't her first crash AND she doesn't have collision coverage. after the shock wore off, we mainly were upset that we didn't get to have a fun day. we didn't have to go to the hospital or anything, and my finger is in a splint, but no other pains as far as I can tell, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

a couple things I hadn't noticed because I was too focused on my index finger are that I have smaller bruises on my middle finger, pinkie, and inside of my thumb. I also have bruises on the inside of my thigh I didn't notice because I was wearing pants, but they don't hurt. nothing else seems to hurt except the bruise on the inside of my thumb, but it's not that bad. my index finger doesn't even hurt as much as it looks like it should. the swelling and bruising should go down in a couple days. it's not fun to type, or do anything else for that matter, but at least I'm right handed; I have no injuries on my right hand. I think my left hand got hurt because I put it up in front of me instinctively just before the crash, and the airbag hit it. it's just a sprain, I've endured way worse pain.

also, the car we hit was damaged a bit and couldn't start, but no one was hurt. they were pretty nice about it too. they had bumped a car in front of them as well, but they just got off with a dent and were able to drive away once information was exchanged. sempai's mom says I might feel fine now, but sempai and I both need to chill for a few days and pay attention to any other pains that might appear. I'm pretty confident that there's no lasting damage to either of us.

my biggest worry, honestly, is sempai's financial situation. just keep her in your thoughts. I tried to tell her that it could've been worse and that we were very lucky that we got out with only minor injuries, but that doesn't change how she feels about the whole thing. it's human nature to feel guilty over something like this, even if it was an accident. money is such a stressful thing, and it's unfortunate that many of us have to struggle with our finances, but I hope this will pass a bit more smoothly than we're fearing it will. I just hope all of her injuries aren't worse than what they seem right now, especially since her job involves a lot of movement and stuff. she works at a safari park or something, I don't remember exactly what it is. she is my best friend, and I'd hate for something to happen to her. again, we both seem fine, but still, mother nature is a cruel bitch, so anything's possible. let's just hope for the best, even though I don't really believe in hope.

I smell like airbag. T_T
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Sup Reitannites, Reitanna Seishin here!

Note: I do not take requests or commissions OF ANY KIND. I used to every now and then, but I don't anymore. Please don't ask.


So, my name is Reitanna Seishin. I'm Pansexual, Manic Depressive, Insomnic, a recovering agoraphobic, a Scorpio, straight edge, and I own two adorable rats. I like to draw, write, paint, sculpt, sing, play video games, enjoy photography, and god knows what else. I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I am not a brony/pegasister (I call it "non-bronified"). I got into the series through the Creepypasta "Cupcakes," and it took me awhile to like the show itself because I expected it to be like the older generations, which I hated. I also love Pokémon. I used to be a Gen Wunner only until I played Pokémon X and got passed the stubbornness of my childhood.

There's a LOT more to me, but as everyone knows, it is hard to describe yourself, so it's just better to know someone instead of read about them.

Also, do NOT ask about Playing with Fire, your comment or message will be completely ignored. If you persist up to three times, you will be blocked.

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Ok so reitanna I'm a trans boy and I know you're a cosmotologist so I hope you wouldn't mind helping me?
I'm only thirteen with very transphobic parents so there's a lot I can't do.
I can't dress as a boy in front of them, get a binder, or buy a male wig. I'm pretty sure that they are suspicous enough as is and I don't want to worsen it.
I love my parents but they make shit difficult.
The binder thing isn't a problem, thank god I have a flat chest, but I have long feminine hair and I was wondering if you could help me with cutting a wig into a boy cut?
there's more info in my journal about this including a picture of said wig:

If you want I can link you to a picture of what I want the end result to look like, I just really really need your help with this

if you don't have time or don't want to that's absolutely fine, you're just the only person I actually know who's a professional about these things
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