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September 2, 2012
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Reitannite- deticated fan to Reitanna Seishin
Anti-Reitannite- someone who hates Reitanna for whatever reason
Salmon Smack- the act of hitting someone with a salmon, preferably a live salmon
"Sucking harder than sucking itself"- it really fucking sucks
"Sweetness with a side of AWESOME"- it's really fucking awesome
fantesticle- fantastical/fantastic
vagtastic- fantastic
bonerific- terrific, originally from family guy, i just say it sometimes
fallopian tubular- tubular
frack (frackin)- fuck (fuckin)
holy shitsnacks- holy shit, originally from archer
jeez luiz papa cheese- jesus christ
people-a-beepoos- people
anywhozeewatsit- anyhoo/anyway
tarsh cran- trash can
unicron- unicorn
orange juoce (joo-ah-s)- orange juice
musac- music
DA FOCK?- what the fuck?
HABLARBERMASH!!- a generic outburst or jeer that should be exclaimed at random points in time
holy carp- holy crap
holy crapsticks- holy crap
coolness- cool (not very original, i just say it a lot)
awesomeness- awesome (again, just say it, but i didn't invent it)
fer realzies- for real/seriously/i'm definitely not joking about what i just said
underagies- people under the age of 18
overagies- people 18 and older
"sucks assballs"- sucks
yeparooski- yep/yes
"anger is the emotion i am feeling"- i am angry
"it hurts so pain"- it hurts/i'm in pain
"that's just a round about way of saying I hate saurkraut"- long story short, originally from the song "albuquerque" by weird al
coolio- cool, another word that i did not invent but i say a lot
herpa derp- durr/that was dumb, again, did not invent
herpa derpa diddly derpa dumb- seriously, i cannot believe how dumb that was, inspired from southpark
herpa derpa herpes- a form of herpes you get when you're stricken with extreme dumbness. symptoms include: being dumb, smoke emitting from brain, using the words "irreguardless" or "undecisive" without realizing those aren't words, and the inability to find your nose. one of the only cures is awesome sauce.
Awesome Sauce- a condiment with extraordinary properties to make ordinary people extraordinary. chuck norris was babtised in Awesome Sauce. the countless abilities it can give people are endless
"supa kawaii desu!"- i cannot believe how cute that is/that is super cute/unbearably cute
doohicky thing- a generic thing or piece of matter
"you're buggin"- you're bugging me/you're bothering me
stoof- stuff
obie kaybie- okie dokie/okay, originally from homestar runner
interesanté (interes-ahn-tay)- interesting
"super ultra happy fun time"- very/awesomely good/fun
pour examplé (por ex-ahm-play)- for example
questionés (kwesh-ti-oh-nays)- questions
oh shiznit- oh shit
oh snap- oh crap (obviously i did not come up with this, i just say it a lot)
oh snapsticks- oh crap
your mom/your face- generic response to any statement (not invented by me, just say it a lot)
moofin- muffin/pet name for small fuzzy animals such as hamsters or bunnies
moofin top/moofin poof- a pet name for small fuzzy animals like hamsters or bunnies
champster- a hamster that holds a wrestling title
boosh- you got served
shazam- you got served/that's right/i just totally responded with "shazam"
interwebz- internet
moondiah (moon-dee-ah)- monday
tweezdiah- tuesday
wednesdiah (wed-ness-dee-ah)- wednesday
thwoozdiah- thursday
freediah- friday
saterdiah (say-ter-dee-ah)- saturday
soondiah- sunday
"Norberting"- making words sound ridiculously different, based on the way Norbert from "Angry Beavers" speaks
prolly- probably
probabla- probably
possibla- possibly
seriousla- seriously
"it's just so much ARGH!!"- it's so frustrating!
Dood- dude
importanté- important
stoopid- stupid
"frustration of frustrations"- i'm frustrated
adorabibble- adorable
adorbs- adorable
ghettotacular- it's totally ghetto/it totally sucks. this word was given to me by my manager.
"raw raw raw, bish koom bah"- a random statement to be used whenever the hell you feel like it. i'm gonna be honest, i haven't said this since i was like ten... but i said it a lot
calculator (kal-kyoo-lah-tohr)- calculator, just Norberted
mondo cool- very cool, originally from DBZ
esculator (ess-kyoo-lah-tohr) esculator, just Norberted. really, i do this with words a lot
gewd- good, usually just used in text
LAWLZ- goddamn that's funny
fantabulous- fabulous
"i like it, i love it, let's make a movie out of it"- it's totally awesome. this is said with a british accent
"son of a whore"- son of a bitch, originally from american dad
"let me know how that sparkles with you"- let me know if you like it, originally from southpark
Reitanna Slap- a high five shared with either Reitanna or a fellow Reitannite. this was invented by japanemogirl
Squarular (square-u-lar)- something square in shape
vinnimon gum- cinnimon gum, chewed while playing video games
ass bag- ass hole
sammich- sandwhich, originall from invader zim
skettie- spagettie
moneys- money, originally from invader zim
"sh-sh-sha!!"- a random thing to be exclaimed while doing something, like grabbing or throwing something, originally from king of the hill
fer surezies- for sure
hatoraid- gatoraid filled with hatred
disorientated- disoriented
"wowie kaboodles!"- WOW! (honestly, haven't said this for a long time because i always stop myself...)
"why can't i feel my everything?"- why does every part of me hurt?
"you can go fuck yourself and your mom"- go fuck yourself
"fuck your donkeys"- well that just fuckin sucks
"sucking fucks"- fucking sucks
"fuck my life with bees"- fuck my life
jesus crust- jesus christ
cheezits christ- jesus christ
canadia- canada
Fuh and Guh- Fred and George from "Harry Potter"
tekki- techno
"honey bunches of oats"- a phrase to replace the pet name "hun"

little idea i had. i say a lot of strange things. so i figured i'd write them down.


i gots stuff to say that i couldn't say before cause i had to go to work. obviously, a lot of this stuff was not INVENTED by me, it's just part of my daily vocabulary. i add more stuff as i remember what the hell i say. XD
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popkool Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Fuh and Guh- Fred and George from "Harry Potter"

popkool Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
*Tries to pronounce probala*
Reitanna-Seishin Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
prah-buh-blah :P
popkool Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
XD Thank you!
IAmDibAndMothman Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Student Artist
Reitanna, I have a question for you.....WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME!? TEACH ME MASTER!
Reitanna-Seishin Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD it was an accident! :P
hazzybat Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
yay! i'm not the only one that says interwebs!
ADickson10193 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
wow that a lot of writes for us to say Reitanna.
Averylilith Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student
I wrote fallopian tubular on the side of my shoe.
JapanEmoGirl Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Reitanna Slap- a high five shared with either Reitanna or a fellow Reitannite. this was invented by japanemogirl

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