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March 21, 2013


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SOUTHGATE, Mich. -  
An eighth-grade student at Davidson Middle School in Southgate committed suicide in the building Thursday morning.

Superintendent William Grusecki said another student found the boy in bathroom. He had died from a gunshot wound.

Grusecki said the school was put on lock down while emergency crews responded.

Students were put in the gym and auditorium and parents were called to come pick up their students at about 9 a.m. The school also arranged for transportation for students to get home.

"I feel so horrible for the family of the child. I can't even imagine," said parent Sherri Zacharski

Grusecki said out of respect for the family, the boy's name wouldn't be released. But he said the boy was known as a good student, somewhat popular and had never gone to school officials with any problems he was experiencing.

School was canceled for the day Thursday and Friday. Counselors are being provided for the community, some coming from surrounding districts.

"We're just going to do our best to help our kids out and our staff," Grusecki said.

He said all of the teachers and staff met together after the students had gone home.

"It got pretty emotional with the adults. They need a lot of support right now," he said. "We could see it in their faces. It was difficult for all of us."

When asked about how a gun got into the school, Grusecki said there are no metal detectors in the building. He said school officials will review and look into what they can do in the future.

Director of Public Safety Thomas Coombs said investigators are still looking into who owned the gun. He couldn't answer whether any charges would be filed.


in another article, it said the boy left a note, but i can't seem to find it. i don't think they've released it to the public. they said he was rather popular, but i don't think that'd stop bullies. i can't say for sure if it WAS bullying, but that's uaually the case. whether this was or wasn't, it's exactly what i've been saying for years now.

for those of you who think it's FUN to pick on other kids for ANY reason, YOU are the murderer. kids kill themselves because they feel unloved and weak, but they're WAY stronger than you fuckers are! they have to deal with YOUR shit because YOU don't know how to solve your problems!! STOP IT! does it make you feel good when a kid commits suicide? in my opinion, suicide is worse than homicide because feeling suicidal is the most terrible feeling one could feel! i've been there! i'm STILL there on occasions unfortunately! you feel worthless, that everyone just wants you gone! and for what? being a good student? wearing glasses? liking a certain band? wearing a certain style of clothing? how about... BEING THEMSELVES? we all bleed red, you heartless, insignificant people! what drives you? what makes you do it? and what if that kid, instead of killing themselves, becomes a murderer? homicide, again, is pretty much not as serious as suicide, but it is STILL VERY serious! if your victim becomes a killer, who's at the top of their list? YOU!! and they're smarter than you think! your victims are INTELLIGENT! remember that! just because YOU have problems, doesn't mean you can't make innocent people feel like shit! if you're a bully, you need to think about your actions and get your life together, cause someday, that victim's either gonna kill themselves, kill you, or become YOUR BOSS. frankly, that'd show you. you working for the kid you tortured in school. then YOU'D be the one who feels like a victim, huh? well, i say, if you bully people, you deserve the hate and the torture you put them through. so maybe take a moment to reflect on the damage you've done, and realize you made a horrible mistake.

now, i'd like to think that my watchers who are reading this are not bullies. this journal isn't addressing you guys specifically, but bullies in general, whether they're here on deviant art or not. if you're a victim, you know how it feels. i can't tell you how many reitannites have reached out to me for help. for privacy reasons, i will not reveal any names, but there's a LOT. they tell me they feel like no one loves them, and that no one would be sad to see them go. they hurt themselves because of the emotional and sometimes physical pain! but it's not true, they DO have people who love them! but even if you have 2 people out of 50 that hurt you, , and that remaining 48 tell you those 2 are wrong, the torture eats at you, especially if you already have minds that are chemically wired differently than others. manic depression, borderline personality disorder, clinic depression, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and (believe it or not) even autism, which is pretty different from the previously named disorders... suicidal thoughts. almost all the time. feeling of worthlessness, betrayal, hate, hopelessness, depression... would you wish these feelings on anyone? are you really that hateful? victims, you know what i'm talking about. you know how it feels. but, as hard as it is, if we stand up for ourselves (verbally, not physically), then we'd make a difference. fighting is not the answer, but we must show the imiciles who torture us that we are stronger than them, cause we are. we HAVE TO TAKE IT! NOT THEM! and most of us already have trouble at home! who wants to be afraid to go to school AND go home? i was when i was young. almost all my life, i was afraid. but where could i go?

to any of you who are vicitms, listen to me, and BELIEVE me. i am no better than all of you. and you're no better than anyone else. we aren't more powerful than eachother, but we are strong. so if i'm still alive, if i managed to finally find a happy life, why can't you? you need to believe that if others can do it, so can you. YOU'RE NOT WEAK. you're strong as hell! everyday you fight your demons while our predators run from theirs. LOVE yourself and know that there are many people sad to see you go. FIGHT emotionally. it's extremely difficult, i know. but look at our world. it's going to shit. we don't want our children growing up here.

if you're someone who neither bullies or gets bullied, if you see someone getting pushed around, PLEASE help them. if someone stands up for us, we gain the confidence, and we get it in our minds, FINALLY, that people care. and for bullies out there, maybe if you just STOP and see the real person your torturing, you may find that you have a lot in common... and you could make a new friend. isn't having friends a much more fullfilling feeling than having enemies? i think so.

it takes just as much energy to love as it does to hate. but which one makes you feel better? we can change our world. just take a deep breath and find what you really want.

and i lend my strength to all who goes through this. no matter how long the storm lasts, there's always a rainbow waiting for you.


sorry if this was extremely harsh. i know none of you guys would hurt someone like this. but i want to read out to you and let you know that YOU ARE LOVED. people want you to live. and the harder you work at life, the more happy you will be once you finally see your rainbow. please never forget what i have said today. if you wish, pass this on to others you know need strength... or to those who need to learn not to hate.
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DiDi-dias Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
My sister became really close friends with a girl who used to bully her constantly in middle school. You are absolutely right about bullies and how their just people trying escape their problems. That bully opened up to my sister and it turned out they could relate to each other really well.
Reitanna-Seishin Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm so glad. that bully became a very strong person, and i bet she's so much happier now
InvaderBloodnut Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Student
Yah, I know the feeling of wanting to commit suicide. And I know how it feels to be the one kid so different from the rest. I went to a racist middle school where I was one of 6 white kids, everyone else was Latino and all the white kids thought I was weird and I wasn't Latino so I was alone for the whole year I was there. They kept looking at me like I'm dirt or something. It was awful.
Bullying is a real problem. But can it ever be stopped? It doesn't end in high school, I mean my uncles always chatting about how businesses bully other, weaker businesses and even adults bully fellow co-workers.
Maybe there's a bigger picture that needs to be looked at, beyond kids. Then the solution can be found.
Rose-Laxzi Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bullying shouldn't ever have been accepted as a 'normal way of life in a teenager's world'. Many adults have forgotten how it was to be bullied, or had never been bullied. Simply the fact that they say to 'just ignore' is enough to show that they're ignorant to the damage that could have been done already and expect you to just buck up and do classwork so that some {teachers} can be paid.

I've been bullied, though not anywhere near as bad as some people. My name alone was usually what drew in the bullies, which is a very sad thing to tease/bully people over. Just because someone is named with an unusual name doesn't give you the right to make them feel belittled for their name their parents had given them. How effed up do you have to be to do that, as well as bullying people for other 'reasons'?

Indeed don't give up, don't give in to the idea that no one would care if you're gone. There's people who cares.
KuramaLoverBunny Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Highschool was the worst time of my life. Full of immature self-centered pricks who bully anyone who's different to make them feel better. My only solace is knowing the vapid, brainless cheerleaders with perfect bodies and flawless skin for the most part already have two kids and a deadbeat boyfriend in prison. I'M actually trying to DO something with my life.
I feel so, so sorry for the kids who have to put up with that crap. All I can say is, highschool is a very small part of your life and in the long run it doesn't matter. The dumbass bullies who think they're hot shit are probably going to end up pumping gas the rest of their pathetic lives. Stay strong, and find someone to lean on - I had two very good friends in ONE class - they were my rock.
Rolling Girl! Don't give up!!
Novanplz Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
BlindButler Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Dear Kara,

You, Kara, who have shared your feelings about this cold affair, are the type of person I think about when I want hope for this world. You know the pain that most have gone through, you made it, you're alive but some were not as strong. Thank you for your words of wisdom of this and thank you for lifting my heart. You are strong and talented beyond belief.

I think hopefully for this world and, though my eyes are dry while reading your post, I weep inside for the loss of a life at the hands of something so heartless. Some of us have taken the brandishing of words and lived but not all. Soul crushing depression or pent up anger draws them to guns or blades or ropes or even just stepping into traffic. It is not the persons' fault, the powerful and deadly emotions were put there by cruel people who don't even deserve to be acknowledged.

I think hopefully for this world and, though my eyes are dry while reading your post, I weep inside for the lost of a life at the hands of something so heartless. Bullying is no laughing matter and it's heartbreaking to find that someone finds this funny.

If you are a bully and you are reading these words, and you're laughing, you've just proven to yourself that you are as pathetic as the dirt under our feet and even less. If you have problems and you take it out on someone else, picture yourself stabbing and slowly ending their lives in the most horrible way. Do you really want to live with the guilt, the fact that you have taken another life willingly and heartlessly?

For those reading this who have dealt with the pain of words and echoing in your mind, you are wonderful and awesome. If you take your own life, everyone will miss you. I will miss you even if I don't know your name. There are many of us that mourn for those who take their own lives. If you think you are not strong enough or brave enough to make it through, you can and rejoice that you are alive. Life is a wonderful gift and the world is beautiful, don't leave it behind. . .

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know my rant is a tad bit long but thank you for your time. Please remember, no matter what any one else says, your life is too precious and magnificent to be thrown away. If you throw it away, you affect every one in the world not just those around you. You are capable of wonderful and beautiful things, please don't throw your life away. So many others besides yourself will regret it and mourn.

Sincerely Blind Butler, who still holds small hope for this mad world
Reitanna-Seishin Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you sweetheart, that means a lot to me :)
maevemaelstrom Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In my opinion, the worst thing about bullies is that many are either unaware or deny the fact that they are bullies, even when the bloody proof is right in front of their faces. And then, adults don't ever think an injury was obtained from another kid (Especially if said kid was smaller) because children are, apparently, "the beacons of innocence".

Yeah, children who are never taught morals beyond "evil people should be punished" are innocent.
I-Lov-ZaDr-and-Anime Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I was bullied and called a bitch and a whore. They were my friends... They betrayed me. And one of them was my crush at the time... I was ignored by them and my parents and all I had was dA. I eventually couldn't stand it and stapped myself with a pushpin on my wrist. Not too deep and not on my vein. Just in a safer spot... and let it all out. That's why I had too leave that cruel group of bastards and now I have real friends. I look back and thought...Why did I ever trust them to tell them what had happened.

I'm happy and not as depressed. My parents are loving, they just were going through a hard time in October (When all of it happened.)

The bullies damaged my confidence I can never get back and my trust for people. Now I can't look people in the eye when I am talking to them because I amemotionally scarred. It may not sound like the worst, but It was the worst to me.. I hope you understand. I wanted to share this to tell others they are not alone and to stand up for others,and tell them only u can stop bullying if you stand up for others :heart:
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