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Hey hey hey hey hey hey LOOKIT WHAT I DID RECENTLY!!

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These pictures were WORTHY of my viewing and favouriting. FEEL HONORED!



I am now in boise, Idaho, and MAN, this place is pretty! the grass is actually green, there are real leaves on trees, WE SAW A DUCK LAST NIGHT, it rained like three times, and the air smells SOOOO fresh! you can even drink the tap water!! we are actually on the third floor, which is hell on my knees AND my paranoia (I have trouble going down stairs ever since my friend nearly pushed me down an escalator), but the apartment is NOICE! lots of storage space, living room and bedroom are very spacey, there are bike racks (I'm suggesting to mike that we get a pair of bikes for short distance travel), and it seems there's a private garden area with plots for each apartment. I'm not really a gardener though. :/ Jerry did REALLY well on the trip up here, we're proud of him, and he seems really happy with the fresh air coming through when we open the windows. having natural light illuminating the place is also just... just so relaxing... we still have to wait until all of our stuff gets here, so it's really empty, but we only have to wait a week.

mike just went to work. we checked out the walgreens yesterday, and it's pretty nice. I just hope the employees there are nice. poor babe was crying because he made friends at his old store that he's going to miss. I don't blame him, really. it was really hard saying goodbye to sempai, but it's not like it's goodbye forever.

we walked like two miles yesterday to see what's around, and there's quite a bit of stuff. me and my fat ass and torn ankle tendon did not have fun walking, and I got a huge blister on my toe, but that's what happens when you're depressed and indulge in your addictions. sugar may be more addictive than cocaine, but I'd rather be addicted to the sweet stuff than the latter. I've got to work on my sleeping habits too, though yesterday I woke up at 11 (10 pacific time) and felt pretty damn good, whereas before I was sleeping in until between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. I started shark week last night though, so it's not time to work on fixing those habits quite yet.

I'm also gonna shave my head again. this bald spot on my scalp is not going to look any better with the rest of my hair, so I may's well give my scalp an even playing field. I need to work on not pulling so I can have hair worthy of being shown in public without a hat to hide it, maybe I can even start coloring it again. I also am going to try harder to not pick my skin. that might be harder than not pulling my hair, but if I ever want to feel confident in my appearance, it needs to be done. and I should be allowed to like how I look, right? "no, Reitanna," says the assholes, "because if you have any confidence, that means you're self centered and narcissistic!" self esteem and narcissism are not the same things. so sorry if I want to be able to show my face on youtube again. sorry, I'm being bitchy, blame Aunt Flow.

let's see... there are candy stores, there is a thrift store where all the proceeds go to animal rescues, there's a small zoo, movies here are SO CHEAP!!! Michael went to see the avengers infinite war for.... *drumroll* EIGHT. DOLLARS. on a sunday! avocados are expensive here, but potatoes are cheap. I wonder why. it's because avocados grow well in hot, dry places like SoCal, and Idaho is the potato state.

not sure what else I have to say ATM. but I feel good. it's not an overwhelming excitement that you get when things are too good to be true, it's a content feeling, relaxing, like I can finally take a breath and let it out slowly without dropping a ton of shit put on my shoulders. I left all that shit in shithole SoCal. oh! and EGGS! eggs and milk! SO CHEAP!! food is taxed, but the tax rate here is only 6%, and there's no CRV for drinks. in California, the tax rate is up to 10% now, I think. okay, NOW that's all I have to say. if anything really neat happens, i'll be sure to write about it, whether people care or not. XD
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Sup Reitannites, Reitanna Seishin here!

Note: I do not take requests or commissions OF ANY KIND. I used to every now and then, but I don't anymore. Please don't ask.


So, my name is Reitanna Seishin. I'm Pansexual, Manic Depressive, Insomnic, a recovering agoraphobe, a Scorpio, straight edge, and I always own at least two adorable rats. (Long after I wrote this, I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD.) I like to draw, write, paint, sculpt, sing, play video games, enjoy photography, and god knows what else. I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I am not a brony/pegasister (I call it "non-bronified"). I got into the series through the Creepypasta "Cupcakes," and it took me awhile to like the show itself because I expected it to be like the older generations, which I hated. I also love Pokémon. I used to be a Gen Wunner only until I played Pokémon X and got passed the stubbornness of my childhood.

There's a LOT more to me, but as everyone knows, it is hard to describe yourself, so it's just better to know someone instead of read about them.

Note that "Playing with Fire" is not a top priority, but it also has NOT been cancelled. There will be long periods of time between the posting of pages, usually about a year. Nothing will change this, please respect that.

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janfon1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's been on my mind for quite some time now - are you and Michael married or still just a couple?
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amaii-milq Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya, if/ when you plan on making an other for asperger syndrome I can help out a bunch since I know a lot about it! (mostly cus my psychiatrist thinks I have it and I did a lot of research on the mental illness.) Of course, you can make the other alone, I was just putting it out there if you wanted some ideas for how they would look! 
ufodust Featured By Owner 4 days ago
MillArts-Artworks Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Student
I had a dream last night where your Reitanna fictions became a hit show on adult swim  and McDonald's was selling happy meal toys promoting the show McDonald's ran out and lets just say it turn into another Szechuan sauce freak out 

I never thought I'd dream something like that.
jolteongirl Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Don't you just love when you tell other artists about their art being stolen and the person who stole the art blocks ya because they're a wuss? :3c Oh yeah, when someone asks you to take their art down or they'll report you that doesn't mean going "oh I'll just credit ya". I'm referring to wolfangelmoon btw, who after I told the people they stole images of cutie marks from blocked me. So yeah, art thief stealing whatever cutie marks as their own.
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